#945 - Pam Cyclone (Category 5), Vanuatu Archipel, Buildings (Archived)

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  • Author: HOT
  • Requesting Organization: Red Cross
  • Priority: Urgent

Following the landing of this cyclone, as severe as the Haiyan typhoon, many deaths are reported, and communications are cut. The various international organizations are planning the response. The extent of the zone to cover from the north to the south is 650 km long. The post-assessment evaluation will be difficult and the pre-disaster informations very usefull for the response.

In this context, the basemap will be useful for a rapid response.

This task is to trace all buildings

Created by PierZen - Updated - Priority: medium


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Combination of Bing and MapBox will be necessary, some imagery are covered with clouds
Source=Bing; MapBox

A day after the typhoon landing, we still have partial infos and it will be difficult to have post-disaster assessments. Tracing builldings, the best we can, should greatly help.

This task is to trace all buildings

Note that MapBox imagery is of lower resolution. To avoid loosing focus at lower zoom, this TMS url link for JOSM uses a hack, an instruction with a lower zoom.


The building outbounds will be imprecise zooming-in, making it more difficult to trace the building. Do your best . What is important is to record all the builldings.

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