#925 - Missing Maps: Moissala, Chad (Archived)

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This project was archived.

  • Author: Missing Maps
  • Requesting Organization: MSF
  • Priority: Medium

The Missing Maps project aims to map the most vulnerable places in the world (affected by humanitarian crises: disease epidemics, conflict, natural disasters, poverty, environmental crises). Building on HOT's disaster preparedness projects, the Missing Maps tasks facilitate pre-emptive mapping of priority countries to better facilitate disaster response, medical activities and resource allocation when crises occur.

MSF's principal medical activity in the district of Moissala in southern Chad is to provide preventative and curative care for malarial infection for pregnant women and children under 5. In 2015 MSF is planning a pilot activity of indoor residual spraying (IRS) in the eastern zone of Moissala to further increase the prevention of Malaria for families who are isolated on the other side of the Bahr-Sara River, far from the referral hospital.

The logistics team in Moissala is working hard on a detailed map of the 133 villages in the zone in order to plan for the month-long spraying campaign with the help of local volunteers. Mapping the area will greatly help the team effectively plan their movements between villages and ensure they are able to reach all households and further decrease the transmission of this deadly disease for the population.

Created by pedrito1414 - Updated - Priority: low


Entities to Map
primary roads, secondary roads, residential areas
Changeset Comment
Moissala, #Chad #hotosm-project-925 #MissingMaps #Bing
When saving your work, please leave the default comment but add what you actually mapped, for example "added buildings and a residential road".

Please map roads networks (see below for useful tags and resources) and areas of habitation (landuse=residential).

The road networks within towns and villages do not need to be mapped at this point. Please only map smaller roads if they link different areas of habitation.

Save with credit to HotOSM. Comment the changeset with: Moissala, #Chad #hotosm-project-925 #MissingMaps #Bing

Commonly used tags and useful resources:

Residential areas:

  • landuse=residential for a border around a cluster of residential buildings

Road networks

  • highway=primary, secondary or tertiary for main roads connecting towns
  • highway=residential inside residential boundaries
  • highway=unclassified connecting smaller villages and hamlets.
  • highway=track only goes to farmland
  • highway=path - not even a 4x4 can get down this

See Highway Africa Tag page for advice on tagging roads and the OSM map features page for more info

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