#82 - Merapi Volcano #MissingMaps

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The Missing Maps project aims to map the most vulnerable places in the world (affected by humanitarian crises: disease epidemics, conflict, natural disasters, poverty, environmental crises). Unlike HOT's disaster response activations, the Missing Maps tasks facilitate preemptive mapping of priority countries to better facilitate disaster response, medical activities and resource allocation when crises occur.

For more information on the Missing Maps, visit www.missingmaps.org.

About Mount Merapi

Mount Merapi (Fire Mountain), it is one of the most active volcano in Indonesia and has erupted regularly since 1548. The eruption cycle is 2-5 years and this volcano is located in densely populated area.


Video of new powerful Merapi volcano eruption in Indonesia

Indonesia buried in ash after volcano Merapi eruption

Please help map this area to help official and volunteer do better preparedness and response for the disaster.

Updated - Priority: medium


Entities to Map
highway (primary, secondary, tertiary, unclassified), landuse (residential, farmland), shelter (temporary, permanent), building
Changeset Comment
#hotosm-task-82 #MissingMapsJKT
When saving your work, please leave the default comment but add what you actually mapped, for example "added buildings and a residential road".

How to contribute?

  1. Pick a square
  2. If there is nothing map, you can mark task as done
  3. If you see buildings, landuse, and roads that haven't been traced, help tracing them
  4. Upload, don't forget to put changset comment as described, and put "Bing" under source, mark task as done
  5. If you're not done, unlock task
  6. Pick another square and repeat from step-2

What to map and how to tag them?


  • Primary road: highway=primary
  • Secondary road: highway=secondary
  • Tertiary road: highway=tertiary
  • If you are not sure the type of the road, use: highway=unclassified


  • Residential: landuse=residential
  • Farmland: landuse=farmland


Use: building=yes


Use: amenity=shelter

Then put additional information:

  • If it's temporary shelter: shelter_type=temporary
  • If it's permanent shelter: shelter_type=permanent

  Start contributing

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