#597 - #MapLesotho Mapathon - Urban Base Map

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Take part in the #MapLesotho mapathon which is aiming to create a base map for large parts of Lesotho. This task is urban specific.

The goal of the #MapLesotho mapathon is to create a basemap of the country which can be built upon by locals as Lesotho is largely a blank canvas.

Lesotho urgently needs a basemap on OSM for the following reasons:

  • Humanitarian organisations can gain flexible and free access to support their logistics
  • Public Sector organisations in Lesotho can have electronic access to a single source of spatial information to support national environmental goals
  • Citizens and stakeholders in Lesotho need a spatial evidence base to support their engagement and understanding with the physical layout of the country


Entities to Map
buildings, roads, paths & major natural features (streams, rivers, lakes etc)
Changeset Comment
Lesotho #MapLesotho Mapathon, #hotosm-task-597, source=Bing, MapBox Satellite


Select a grid square and map all buildings, roads, paths and major natural features within your allotted area.

When tracing buildings, to get accurate angles reflecting the actual shape of a building, depending on the editor you are using, complete the following:

iD Editor - Click the outline of the building once you have traced it, and use the keyboard shortcut "S" to square the corners

JOSM Editor - Instal and use the Building Tools plugin to allow for fast, accurate tracing of buildings

Tagging Specific Details

Please ensure you follow the Highway Tag Africa criteria when mapping roads or paths.

Pay particular attention where roads/paths intersect with streams or rivers and no bridge/tunnel/culvert exists. Use the ford tag when you find these crossings

Imagery Info

  • Use Bing or MapBox satellite.
  • No offset required

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