#3573 - Mapping communities of Sint Maarten in response to hurricane IRMA (High Resolution) (Archived)

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This project was archived.

In response to hurricane IRMA, we kindly request mapping support for the situation St. Maarten. The island has recently been mapped to great detail (#3486), We now have better images available, so we hope to improve our maps even further. Your efforts will help the Red Cross and local responders to assess priority information and attend better to current needs.

The Netherlands Red Cross has six branches in the Caribbean. Red Cross St. Maarten is the local branch on St. Maarten. The branch is involved in disaster response on the island, and provides first aid trainings. Detailed maps of the project area are vital to properly undertake assessments in preparation of hurricanes and in the event of a hurricane.

Created by Niel de Jong - Updated - Priority: urgent


Entities to Map
Roads, Buildings
Changeset Comment
#hotosm-project-3573 #stMaarten #HurricaneIrma #MissingMaps #itc20170914 #rodekruis
When saving your work, please leave the default comment but add what you actually mapped, for example "added buildings and a residential road".

[imagery url available only after accepting the license]

Access to this imagery is limited by the license agreement.

You need to review and acknowledge the agreement.

Satellite images

Please use the IMPROVED imagery from Custom

For users of JOSM: First check if the right imagery is used for validating. In JOSM you should see the tiles.openaerialmap.org option under "imagery". Select this image.

When it is not there, add it in preferences:

Open preferences (F12 in windows) and select the button "imagery". On the right hand side of the activate window you select the WMS button.

  • Copy and paste this URL in "enter service URL": tms[22]:http://tiles.openaerialmap.org/59ba90ef23c8440011d7b194/0/53cf7018-0035-46b3-9fb1-f694ecf4c486/{z}/{x}/{y}.png

  • get layers

  • set image format to 'PNG"

  • name your layer

Maybe you get an error (invalid URL) - just wait a few seconds and in my case the requested the URL was verified.

Restart JOSM and check the selected image in the imagery dropdown box.

For users in ID editor (do not validate in ID editor, only in JOSM!): Task

Simply digitize the outline of all buildings in each square and make sure you either SQUARE (shortcut key = 'S' in iD editor) the corners of square/rectangular buildings.

Roads that lead to buildings should be traced and tagged as stated below.

Building tags

building=building (in iD) building=yes (in JOSM). Road tags

highway=residential (in iD and JOSM)

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