#3417 - Missing Maps: South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo (Project 25: villages)

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This project is for experienced JOSM mappers

This is a project to coordinate the entry of the village data collected on the ground in South Kivu by the Ministry of Health and MSF.

Everyone is welcome to participate, but in order to keep the maximum quality and consistence across users, we require all people to READ AND UNDERSTAND the instructions of this project.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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When saving your work, please leave the default comment but add what you actually mapped, for example "added buildings and a residential road".

Adding the data collected in the field will consist of checking the correctness of the collected information (spelling, presence of duplicates, etc.), sometimes adding some data and merging it with the existing OSM data.

Common steps to start

  1. Open JOSM (check if remote control is enabled in the JOSM preferences!)
  2. Choose a task in the Tasking Manager, click on Start mapping and on Edit with JOSM.
  3. Once the OSM data is loaded, you need to load the village file which contains the information collected in the field. To do so, go to the Contribute tab of this task, and click on the link in the Extra instructions below the Stop Mapping / Mark Task As Done buttons.
  4. Finally load the Bing imagery or the DigitalGlobe imagery in JOSM. (You'll probably have to switch between both, because depending on the area other imagery was used before for mapping.)

Verify that you have two data layers and an imagery layer in JOSM before going to the next step.

Using the todo plugin

To make sure you do not forget to add a village, please use the todo plugin. Once installed, activate the plugin by clicking on the icon on the left side of your screen, this will bring up a to-do list window on the right.

First you have to add all the villages on your to-do list. For this:

  1. Activate the village layer
  2. Select all villages
  3. Click in your to-do list window on Add

The list of all villages to add onto the OSM layer should now appear in your to-do list.

To start mapping, select the first village on your to-do list, and click Zoom. Once you are ready with adding the village (see instructions below), use the Mark button of your to-do list to move onto the next village.

How to add a village

Verify if there is already a village on the layer with OSM data in a perimeter of a few kilometres.

If not,

  1. create a point on the OSM data layer,
  2. activate the village layer and select the relevant village.
  3. Activate now the OSM data layer again,
  4. select the correct village,
  5. and copy the attributes of the previous selection. (see More tools tab in JOSM)

If so,

  1. follow the same steps as above,
  2. but merge the new village with the existing village once you added it onto the OSM layer. (see Tools tab in JOSM)
  3. If there are conflicting attributes a window will pop up to make you solve them.

Some advise in case of conflicting attributes:

  • Use as source always MSFsurvey and as source:date always 2017-07
  • Some existing villages have source_ref=www.rgc.cd and attribution = «Ces données géographiques proviennent du Référentiel Géographique Commun (www.rgc.cd).» as tags. If you merge them with the new data, please delete these old source tags.
  • If the name of the village differs, check also the alternative name (alt_name) collected on the ground.
  • Add a fixme-tag if you are unsure about certain issues. Add these issues also as a comment if you mark your task as done.

If you upload, don't forget to add on your change set MSFsurvey and the imagery you used as source.

Thanks for mapping!

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