#3280 - Missing Maps - Malawi - Malemia South (Buildings only)

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Through this mapping task the Netherlands Red Cross supports the Malawi Red Cross Society to:

reduce the prevalence of diarrhoeal diseases in the target communities of Ndamena.

enhance resilience and building institutional disaster response capacity training for the people of Malawi

raise awareness within vulnerable communities in disaster prone areas of the possible dangers of natural disasters.

improve the delivery of sustainable water supply, sanitation and hygiene services in 9 low-income areas

respond to a food crisis to meet drought affected population’s food and nutrition needs through cash transfer.

Mapping efforts are coordinated with local government / members of the HOT/OSM community in Malawi.

The Missing Maps project aims to map the most vulnerable places in the world (affected by humanitarian crises: disease epidemics, conflict, natural disasters, poverty, environmental crises). Building on HOT's disaster preparedness projects, the Missing Maps tasks facilitate pre-emptive mapping of priority countries to better facilitate disaster response, medical activities and resource allocation when crises occur.

In a few parts of the area there are already houses mapped in a previous missing maps project.

Through the MapGive project, the Humanitarian Information Unit (HIU) of the U.S. Department of State is providing the OpenStreetMap community access to updated satellite imagery services to help assist with humanitarian mapping.

Created by koos krijnders - Updated - Priority: medium


Entities to Map
Only buildings
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When saving your work, please leave the default comment but add what you actually mapped, for example "added buildings and a residential road".

Please click on a tile to start mapping. Read the task instructions on how to map buildings.

Imagery Please use the DigitalGlobe Premium Imagery. The Bing Aerial Imagery is default on this task. To switch imagery, go to the Background settings in the ID-editor (shortcut: B). DigitalGlobe has more recent images and is often of better quality. Sometimes the purple outline of the tile covers to much of the image. You can make this invisible in the toolbar at the right hand side by checking out "lokaal bestand / local data" in "kaartgegevens / map data" (shortcut F).

Buildings. On behalf of Facebook DigitalGlobe used automatic image recognition to point out the buildings in this area. Around each building a buffer of 40 meters has been made. Joining buffers are combined to one tile. So you should find one or more buildings in each tile. Image recognition is not perfect: sometimes you will not find a building, or you see a building just outside the tile. A reason can also be that for the recognition other images are used than we use for Missing Maps. In some parts of the project a lot of buildings are already done. Check it on changes (demolished, new, enlarged..), these buildings are traced on old (2004) imagery. Do not trace roads in this project: there will be a separate project (#3104) for roads. For roads you need tiles covering the whole area.

Cloud cover If you cannot finish the tile due to cloud coverage, you can successfully complete the tasks, then save your changes, mention 'cloud coverage' in the comment when you save the task, and mark the task as done.

Validation We kindly request advanced mappers and validators to contribute to validating the work of others. This task can only be completed when all tiles have been marked as validated (green). To validate, choose a tile marked 'done' (orange) and click 'review the work'. Open it in JOSM. Correct any errors such as:

Map missing roads and buildings.
Correct wrong imagery offset compared to the Bing Aerial Imagery (which is the standard for OSM) of DigitalGlobe Premium Imagery. In this case shift all buildings at once in JOSM (if all are misaligned), or do them one by one.

Correct buildings. Some buildings are not properly drawn. See if you can correct them to match the shape of the building on the satellite imagery. If a building is not squared but should be, apply squaring to the buildings (this is most easily done in JOSM where all buildings can be selected and squared with one click.

Correct roads. Some roads will be misaligned against the Bing Aerial Imagery, or just misinterpreted.

If you finish validating a tile. Save your changes, mark it as validated in the HOT tasking manager, and leave a comment to the original contributors i.e.: 'thank you for mapping all these buildings and roads. We made a few corrections. Please consider squaring the buildings in your future work, and make sure that you don't miss any' Further tagging resources

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