#2990 - 2017 Ebola outbreak in Bas-Uele, DRC (Proj. 2) (Archived)

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This project was archived.

  • Author: HOT & OSM-CD
  • Requesting organization: Various
  • Priority: Urgent

There have been three confirmed cases of ebola in the Bas-Uele, Democratic Republic of Congo.

This urgent task is set up to help the DLM (Direction de Lutte contre la Maladie) and INRB (Institut National de Recherche Biomédicale) to respond efficiently to the outbreak. Detailed maps of road networks, human settlements, and health facilities in the outbreak area are crucial for them to be able to properly deploy in the area.

Created by pedrito1414 - Updated - Priority: medium


Entities to Map
road networks, residential areas
Changeset Comment
2017 Ebola outbreak, mapping roads and settlements in Bas-Uele #DRC #hotosm-project-2990 #OSM-CD ; source=DigitalGlobe
When saving your work, please leave the default comment but add what you actually mapped, for example "added buildings and a residential road".


Please map residential areas and major highway/road networks as a priority.

Instructions change: buildings will be treated in a separate task, please focus on roads and residential areas limits

Please use the Digital Globe Premium Imagery Service provided.

Commonly used tags

Residential areas:

Please outline residential areas (more than two buildings / structures) and tag as landuse=residential (in JOSM) or Landuse Features=Residential Areas (in iD). If residential area shapes already exist, but do not encompass all the buildings in the village or town, please adjust the boundary accordingly.

Major roads:

  • highway=unclassified connecting smaller villages and hamlets
  • highway=tertiary for main roads connecting towns

If road networks already exist, but do not follow the satellite imagery accurately, please adjust accordingly. As there is a lot of jungle in this area it may be hard to see the roads. Please do as best you can.

There is a training video on how to map roads in OpenStreetMap here.

Other road tags:

Smaller offshoot roads should be ignored unless they link different areas of habitation.

  • highway=residential inside residential boundaries
  • highway=track only goes to farmland
  • highway=path, narrow footpaths, not even a 4x4 can get down this


Waterways are not a requirement of this task, they can however be useful, feel free to map them as well.

  • waterway=stream for the small ones
  • waterway=river for the bigger ones

Other resources

See Highway Africa Tag page for advice on tagging roads. See the OSM map features page for more information on OSM tagging.

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