#2717 - Peru Flood Support - ANPE Callahuanca, Santa Eulalia, San Mateo de Otao

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HOT is supporting the local OSM community in Peru to improve the basemap in areas affected by recent flooding.

This project may not be easy for beginners as it involves mapping multiple features and preserving connectivity of the road network and waterways across task squares. The project is to provide a complete road network, all major waterways and all residential areas.

See this wiki-page for more information:2017 Floods in Peru

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Entities to Map
Buildings, roads, farmland, farmyard
Changeset Comment
#hotosm-project-2717 #Peru #PeruFloods2017 #osmpe Landuse and roads mapping
When saving your work, please leave the default comment but add what you actually mapped, for example "added buildings and a residential road".

Project Specific Mapping Instructions

  • Not for beginners
  • Examine the validated example task - Do not keep it checked out for longer than a few minutes.
  • Validators You will get overlapping building warnings - you should as some buildings share walls

Landuse - Farmland

  • Please carefully review the OSM Wiki page about farmland, farmyard, orchards
  • Map beyond your task square Do not just map landuse to the edge of your task square, map the whole farmland area.
  • Select task squares with no one working next to you! Spread out since most features will overlap a neighboring task square.

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