#2692 - Adamawa State Road Network Mapping

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eHealth Africa is working at mapping Nigeria. These maps are used for various projects which are to tackle and provide simplified health solutions. The maps are used to track the vaccination teams, delivery of vaccines, Internally displaced people coordination, distance matrix and plan new vaccination campaigns. As we move on to surveillance stage in our fight against Polio, more data are still needed to consolidate on our success.

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Entities to Map
Primary Roads, Secondary Roads, Tertiary Roads, Unclassified Roads, Residential Roads, Service Roads and Tracks
Changeset Comment
When saving your work, please leave the default comment but add what you actually mapped, for example "added buildings and a residential road".

Digitise roads with priority on Secondary Roads, Tertiary Roads, Unclassified Roads, Tracks (when leading to hamlets) and Residential Roads.

We'll use as reference the Nigeria Wiki Project and the Highway Tag Africa for tagging. Please, keep in mind that the road status (surface, smoothness...) shouldn't be related with the actual tags of the roads.

The highway=trunk is for the Axxx national roads, and the highway=primary for the Fxxx federal roads. They seem to be mostly done, although for many of them the corresponding relation needs still loads of working (please refer to the Nigeria Wiki Project).

highway=secondary: use this tag for roads that aren't primary (Federal) roads interconnecting the LGA capitals and that are not Axxx trunk roads or Fxxx federal primary roads.

highway=tertiary: use this tag for the roads that interconnect all the ward capitals. Wards are municipalities. Each LGA in Nigeria has between 10 and 15 wards.

This tagging schema should be taken as a reference, because some wards don't have a real capital centre, or are so light populated that a tertiary road could be to much, and would deserve the highway=unclassified tag instead. In fact, other roads interconnecting some LGA capitals could have to be downgraded to tertiary.

highway=unclassified: use this tag for the roads leading to smaller towns and villages.

highway=track: small roads interconnecting hamlets and going outside the residential areas, mainly for agricultural and forestry purposes. They don't have connecting purposes.

highway=residential: Roads within settlements. If a road (let's say a tertiary road) crosses through a village or town, it doesn't change its tagging to residential.

If you are unsure of what tag to assign to a road, use the provisional highway=road tag.

Please note that, except tracks, the default surface is paved, so if unpaved add the surface=* tag according to the Highway Tag Africa. If you know that it is unpaved, but don't know the actual type of surface, just tag it as surface=unpaved.

For more info, please read the Highway Tag Africa wiki page.

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