#2228 - Hurricane Matthew: Jereme Post Event Imagery (Archived)

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This project was archived.

Current #HurricaneMatthew Project

Advanced Mappers Only for Validation

  • Author: HOT
  • Requesting organization: Red Cross
  • Priority: Urgent

Hurricane Matthew a category 4 hurricane caused catastrophic damage to western Haiti. Over 2 feet of rain fell, causing flooding, damaging homes and washing away infrastructure. According to reports over 15,000 people have been displaced including destroying almost 4,000 homes. Bridges and roads have been affected including critical links for relief efforts. The government has estimated at least 350,000 people need some kind of assistance after the disaster.

This data will be used for a detailed damage assessment, relief planning, and for future cholera prevention efforts.

Created by dkunce - Updated - Priority: high


Entities to Map
buildings and missing features
Changeset Comment
#hotosm-project-2228 #hurricaneMatthew #haiti
When saving your work, please leave the default comment but add what you actually mapped, for example "added buildings and a residential road".


UPDATED INSTRUCTIONS - Please see Project Specific Notes

UPDATED IMAGERY - this imagery is post event imagery. Some existing features will longer exist while others need to be updated from previous BING/2013 imagery

Project Specific Notes

  • Please only change existing mapping for buildings that are undamaged in the new imagery.
  • For large parts of this project, the buildings have been reduced to rubble, please leave existing mapping un-changed.
  • Please add undamaged buildings that you do not see mapped yet.
  • Please use the "Split" link after you click the "Start Mapping" button if the task square is too large to finish in a comfortable time. (After 2 "Split"s the link will have a line through it and is not available)
  • Mapping should be done with the supplied post-event imagery for this project. Some of this area has been mapped with older imagery, but all final mapping and validation should use this imagery for validation.
  • Please add any missing features including roads and buildings.
  • This tasks is not a damage assessment task. HOT has not been asked to conduct a damage assessment at this time.


Some buildings are already mapped for much of this area. Please tag all buildings as:

  • building=yes in JOSM
  • Building Features=Building in iD

Please SQUARE (shortcut key = 'S' in iD editor & 'Q' in JOSM) the corners of square/rectangular buildings OR ROUND OFF/CIRCLE (shortcut key = 'O' in iD editor & 'shift-O' in JOSM) any round huts.

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