#2203 - Hurricane Matthew - Haiti Sud and Grand'Anse Road Network (Archived)

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This project was archived.

Advanced Mapping - Roads only - Road Network - New mappers should focus on buildings only project

  • Author: HOT
  • Requesting organization: Red Cross
  • Priority: Urgent

Hurricane Matthew a category 4 hurricane is likely to hit the south west part of Haiti in the next 24 hours. The storm is projected to cause "life threatening". "Impacts, such as outer rainbands and some initial tropical storm-force gusts could begin in Jamaica and Hispañola (particularly Haiti) as soon as Sunday night, and in eastern Cuba as soon as Monday. This could make preparations difficult. Over a foot of rainfall from Matthew may trigger life threatening flash floods and mudslides. In Haiti in particular, heavy rainfall could be catastrophic."

This is the first project to map the road network for routing and logistics use.

Created by bgirardot - Updated - Priority: urgent


Entities to Map
roads: primary, secondary, tertiary, unclassified, residential only
Changeset Comment
#hotosm-project-2203 #HurricaneMatthew #haiti
When saving your work, please leave the default comment but add what you actually mapped, for example "added buildings and a residential road".

Advanced Mapping - Roads only - Road Network - New mappers should focus on one of the buildings only projects

UPDATED PRIORITY AREA - This Project needs to be completed urgently!!

Project Specific Mapping Notes

  • Road Network Only - No Buildings
  • Many of these squares will already be partially or fully mapped, map in more if needed or fix up the existing mapping, or just mark it "Done" if it is already complete.
  • Please connect up roads that are not connected to the main network or nearby roads.
  • DO NOT Map paths and tracks - Roads that connect to settlements and other roads only


  • Please map roads as completely as possible by connecting them to the main road networks where ever possible.
  • Very short segments that do not connect to anything should not be mapped.
  • Short segments of a road or path that you cannot see through the trees but seem very likely to exist should be mapped to keep the road complete
  • Try and map a little beyond your task square so the person who maps the task square next to yours can easily connect them.
  • Always connect roads to other roads where they meet and never end roads on Residential area polygon edges.

You will most often use the following road classifications (JOSM): highway=primary,secondary,tertiary - These are major roads that connect large cites and span long distances. Many of these are already mapped, just be sure to map the unclassifieds and residential that run off of the existing mapped roads. highway=unclassified - This is for roads that a vehicle with 4 wheels could travel on that connect small villages and settlements * highway=residential - These are roads that are in settlements that only are used for access to houses and buildings.

You will most often use the following "Road Features" (iD Web Editor):

  • Minor/Unclassified - This is for roads that connect small villages and settlements
  • Residential Road - These are roads that are in settlements but only are used for access to houses and buildings.

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