#1509 - Northern Cebu Risk Mapping Project - Daanbantayan and Medellin

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  • For: Philippine Red Cross
  • Priority: Medium


The Philippines, due to its geographic location, is regularly subject to various natural disasters. The Northern Cebu Risk Mapping using OpenStreetMap(OSM) is a participatory mapping project of the Philippine Red Cross to improve the base geospatial data coverage of North Cebu for use in disaster response, climate adaptation, risk mitigation, and support other humanitarian initiatives.

The municipalities of Daanbantayan and Medellin occupy the northern tip of Cebu province, over 125 kilometers away from the provincial capital, and a population of 124, 944 (2010 Census) spread over 39 villages.

The Philippine Red Cross continue their humanitarian missions, with partners including the Croix Rouge Francaise, local government authorities, community stakeholders in North Cebu, in collaboration with advocates from the OpenStreetMap Philippines community.

Task Difficulty

Some of the grid tasks may be marked as hard or medium, and are probably best handled by more experienced mappers. Unmarked tasks are available to new contributors. Kindly select tasks appropriate to your experience.

Note: The boundaries, names, and designations depicted on this map intends to facilitate the identification of mapping tasks, and may not be considered official nor authoritative, or an endorsement thereof.

Social Media

When posting about the project in your social media stream, kindly use #osmNorthCebu, in addition, you may also add the following: #PhilippineRedCross, #CroixRougeFrancaise, #MapGive, and #OSMPH

Created by GOwin - Updated - Priority: medium


Entities to Map
settlements, highways, waterways, buildings
Changeset Comment
basemap updating #hotosm-project-1509 #osmNorthCebu #PhilippineRedCross #CroixRougeFrancaise #OSMPH #MapGive, source=WorldView-2, DigitalGlobe, NextView, 15 Feb 2015
When saving your work, please leave the default comment but add what you actually mapped, for example "added buildings and a residential road".

[imagery url available only after accepting the license]

Access to this imagery is limited by the NextView license agreement.

You need to review and acknowledge the agreement.

Kindly follow the Philippine mapping conventions as documented in the OpenStreetMap Wiki.

Map the following features:

  • Settlements, tag landuse=residential for groups of houses over five;
  • missing roads
  • tag new buildings with building=yes (if you have local knowledge, be specific, e.g. building=chapel), and delete old building features which no longer appear in current imagery. If the building has a damage tag (e.g. typhoon:damage=yes) from 2013, you may safely remove them.
  • waterways (e.g. waterway=stream)
  • Improve alignment of existing roads, buildings, and waterways when necessary
  • Update landuse polygons (i.e. landuse=farmland)

Priority areas

Highlighted areas had been identified by the Red Cross as their priority area. Concentrate on mapping task grids within, or around, these areas first.


This imagery is from Digital Globe’s WorldView-2 satellite, and is made up of an image taken on February 15th 2015. The image is orthorectified for terrain corrected geographic precision. Additionally, the image has been contrast stretched using a custom stretch and processed into a Tiled Map Service (TMS) for performance.

Partial or missing coverage

The 2015 February MapGive coverage for the following areas excludes the following: Gibitngil, Medellin - no imagery Chocolate Island, Daanbantayan - no imagery

Kindly utilize publicly available imagery from Bing or MapBox.

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