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#2165 CHAI - Escuintla, Guatemala - Project 03

Dar Ramani Huria CHAI Project, please only map as part of the Ramani Huria or HOT Indonesia teams

Clinton Health Access Initiative - Malaria Team is working to reduce malaria in one of the most important districts in Guatemala.

Created by bgirardot - Updated - Priority: low

#2164 Missing Maps: Masisi territory, North Kivu, DRC (roads part 3)

Validators, please validate residential areas and road networks!

  • Author: Missing Maps / HOT
  • Requesting organization: MSF

MSF teams, in collaboration with the Congolese Ministry of Health, provide care for thousands of people in Masisi General Hospital and other health centres in the area, including the provision of HIV care. MSF also organises mobile clinics, which respond to the needs of people affected by violence, insecurity and poor access to healthcare, some of whom have have been forced to flee their homes.

Mapping this area will help MSF to identify vulnerable populations, plan and manage medical interventions and provide better care for those displaced by violence.

The Missing Maps project aims to map the most vulnerable places in the world (affected by humanitarian crises: disease epidemics, conflict, natural disasters, poverty, environmental crises). Building on HOT's disaster preparedness projects, the Missing Maps tasks facilitate pre-emptive mapping of priority countries to better facilitate disaster response, medical activities and resource allocation when crises occur.

Satellite imagery for this project is kindly provided by Digital Globe through their +Vivid service.

Created by pedrito1414 - Updated - Priority: low

#2163 CHAI - Escuintla, Guatemala - Project 02

Dar Ramani Huria CHAI Project, please only map as part of the Ramani Huria team

Clinton Health Access Initiative - Malaria Team is working to reduce malaria in one of the most important districts in Guatemala.

Created by bgirardot - Updated - Priority: low

#2161 Solotvyno, Ukraine, Tisza River border area

The condition of the salt mine in Solotvyno, Ukraine, is deteriorating. A cross-border environmental disaster in Ukraine, Romania and Hungary could happen if salty water reaches the Tisza River.

Created by bgirardot - Updated - Priority: low

#2160 Missing Maps: Haiti, Cite Gerard, Bois Nuef, Cite Soleil - Buildings

Part of Concern/Esri Ireland mapathon, please only map as part of that event

Concern Worldwide is working with communities in Port au Prince to make sustainable improvements in poverty levels and mitigate against risks of conflict and disasters. While some areas of Cite Soleil have been mapped a number of areas are still missing basic information such as buildings and roads, which makes planning and implementing projects more difficult. This collaborative project aims to enhance and provide more useful details to the maps available for Concern Worldwide and partners to reach areas most in need of assistance and to produce open source visualisations of the urban and rural environments that communities live and work in. The Aerial imagery is provided by Cosmha, Cartong and OSM France as part of the UAV mission done in May 2014.

Created by bgirardot - Updated - Priority: low

#2158 Missing Maps Malawi: Lilongwe East

Creating a basemap to help plan measles vaccination efforts

Created by emilyeros - Updated - Priority: low

#2155 Osh, Kyrgyz Republic - Exposure Mapping for Seismic Risk Assessment

Project Details

  • Goal: Seismic risk assessment
  • Author: World Bank GFDRR
  • Requesting organization: World Bank GFDRR / GFZ-Potsdam / CAIAG / Arup
  • Priority: Medium
  • Imagery: Bing

The Kyrgyz Republic is located in a region of high seismic hazard. In addition, the typical buildings in the region are susceptible to damage from seismic hazards (e.g. earthquake ground shaking). The population in the region is therefore exposed to the combination of high seismic hazards and vulnerable building stock.

This World Bank-supported project aims to collect exposure data on buildings and infrastructure that will be used in a nationwide seismic risk assessment study. The project is held in conjunction with key government agencies and local university departments in Kyrgyz Republic, which will help ground truth the OSM data created through volunteer remote mapping.

TIMELINE: A community mapping event will take place in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic, on October 8-9, where local volunteers from universities and government agencies will map assets vulnerable to seismic hazard.

Objects to trace

  • Buildings, roads, railways, bridges, residential areas
Created by bgirardot - Updated - Priority: low

#2154 Missing Maps Malawi: Lilongwe West

Map buildings and roads to help efforts to eliminate measles.

Created by emilyeros - Updated - Priority: low

#2147 Peace Corps Ethiopia -- Tenta

The Peace Corps Public Health program in Ethiopia is requesting help building a better base map of Tenta for use by the District Health Center. After completion, this map will serve as an important resource for the local health system to plan and implement a malaria bed-net distribution.

This task includes mapping buildings and roads and is great for beginners! Use Mapbox imagery.

Created by CourtneyMClark - Updated - Priority: low

#2144 ADB Padre Burgos Base Mapping Workshop

ADB Padre Burgos basemapping workshop

Created by maning - Updated - Priority: low
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