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#397 Central African Republic/République Centrafricaine, Haut-Mbomou, Zémio

On the 24th of March, the Séléka, a coalition of rebels, took the power by force in the Central-African Republic (CAR). Zémio is one of the sub-prefectures in Haut-Mbomou, the Far Eastern Prefecture of Central African Republic. It is located close to the boundary with DRC, and is frequently crossed by traffickers and armed groups like LRA. It is one of the less well mapped CAR sub-prefectures in OSM. Bing Imagery is limited there, as there is no high resolution over the Easter part of Zémio and the high resolution cover is sometimes quite cloudy. Nevertheless, The main frame of the city and entire parts can already be mapped, and the rest can be completed when better imagery will be available.

Created by sev_osm - Updated - Priority: medium


CHRISTMAS MAPPING est une activité annuelle organisée par C-OSMHA.STM dans le souci de soutenir la cartographie que prône OSM : plus haut , plus fort, ainsi C-OSMHA.STM invite tous les Mappeurs du pays et ceux qui sont à l’extérieur à participer à l'activité CHRISTMAS MAPPING 2e édition, du vendredi 20 décembre au lundi 23 décembre 2013 dans notre local, Le Troquet Café-Théâtre au 65 avenue Jean-Jacques Dessalines à Saint-Marc.

Aiming to improving the OSM mapping, higher and stronger, COSMHA-STM invite mappers from OSM and abroad to join the Second Edition of CHRISTMAS MAPPING in Artibonite, Haiti, between Friday, December 20 and Monday, December 23 in our space (Café-Théâtre Le Troquet, 65 Dessalines) Avenue in Saint-Marc)

Created by wedens louisius - Updated - Priority: medium

#390 Central African Republic/République Centrafricaine, Nana-Mambéré, Bouar

On the 24th of March, the Séléka, a coalition of rebels, took the power by force in the Central-African Republic (CAR). Bouar, whose megaliths are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List is a sous-prefecture of Nana-Mambéré, owns and currently hosts Internal Displaced Populations (IDPs). Its Eastern residential margins are still to be mapped.

french Le 24 Mars, la Séléka, une coalition de rebelles, a pris le pouvoir par la force en République Centrafricaine (RCA). Bouar, dont les mégalithes ont été proposés d'être classés au Patrimoine Mondial de l'UNESCO, est une sous-préfecture du Nana-Mambéré qui accueille des Populations Internes Déplacées (IDP). Sa marge résidentielle Est n'a pas encore été cartographiée.

Created by sev_osm - Updated - Priority: medium

#384 République Centrafricaine/Central African Republic: Bangui, Nord

On the 24th of March, the Séléka, a coalition of rebels, took the power by force in the Central-African Republic (CAR). Bangui is the capital of CAR. Its Northern suburbs still remain to be mapped and are actually one of the most affected areas by violence. Because of the huge lack of geographical information for the humanitarian actors in the field (e.g. OCHA, Unicef, Solidarités International), this job was created.

french Le 24 Mars, la Séléka, une coalition de rebelles, a pris le pouvoir par la force en République Centrafricaine (RCA). Bangui est la capitale du pays. Ses faubourgs nord ne sont pas encore cartographiés et figurent parmi les zones les lus affectées par des phénomènes de violence. En raison d'un grand manque d'informations géographiques pour les acteurs humanitaires sur le terrain (par exemple, OCHA, UNICEF, Solidarité Internationale), cette tâche a été créée.

Created by PierZen - Updated - Priority: medium

#376 Peradeniya University Workshop

Task created for the GIS MSc workshop at Peradeniya University

Created by vdeparday - Updated - Priority: medium

#333 Bandarawela City Mapping by ISM Diyatalawa Nov 2013

Map only buildings, PoIs, roads and any other prominent features.

Created by Srimal DMC LK - Updated - Priority: medium

#332 Diyatalawa City Mapping - OSM Training, ISM Diyatalawa Nov 2013

Digitize all the features such as buildings, roads, major streams and prominent landuse.

Created by Srimal DMC LK - Updated - Priority: medium

#320 Downtown Hai Phong Digitizing

Task to map all the roads in downtown Hai Phong

Created by wonderchook - Updated - Priority: medium

#304 Most affected areas by floods in Khartoum, Sudan: Butri (بتري)

Khartoum, the Capital city of Sudan, has been experiencing again extremely heavy rains since Early August, that have turned into floods, houses falling, areas drowning, victims and the forecast says this will continue the coming days.

Khartoum, la capitale du Soudan, subit depuis début août de très fortes pluies qui donne lieu à des inondations et des zones totalement sous les eaux, faisant déjà plusieurs victimes. Les prévisions météorologiques annoncent un maintien des conditions météorologiques.

Created by sev_osm - Updated - Priority: medium

#298 Aceh Project Area 3

On the 2nd July 2013 a magnitude 6.2 earthquake occurred in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province, Northern Sumatra, Indonesia, as reported by BMKG. The death toll exceeded 40 and many buildings were destroyed and many more damaged. The affected area is rural with some larger towns exposed and twelve villages in the worst impacted area. Earthquake shaking intensities peaked at MMI VIII (severe shaking). The damage illustrates the significant earthquake risk that exists in Indonesia that is driven by high earthquake hazard, large human exposure and very vulnerable construction types. While devastating, this event provides a valuable opportunity to gather information on Indonesian building types and their performance in severe earthquakes.

Created by mahardika fadmastuti - Updated - Priority: medium
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