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#1205 Los Vilos (Chile) - Earthquake 16th September

Los Vilos (Chile) - after the earthquake of 16th September

Project Details

  • Requesting organization: OSM-Chile
  • Priority: Urgent
  • Imagery: Bing

Objects to trace

  • Roads, paths, buildings, residential areas

This project is good for mappers of all skill levels

Created by wille - Updated - Priority: low

#911 Peace Corps Senegal - Saraya

The Peace Corps' Health Program in Senegal is requesting assistance to inventory buildings and roads for analysis of the location and availability of trained malaria community health agents in the Kedougou region. More detailed basemap data (roads, buildings, streets) is needed to assist the program.

Created by Choquette33 - Updated - Priority: medium

#1022 Peace Corps Botswana - Molepolole I

The Peace Corps' NGO capacity building program, in close partnership with the District AIDS Coordinator's office, in Botswana is requesting assistance to inventory buildings for the tracking of service provision for orphans and vulnerable children and people living with HIV in Molepolole village. While the map will be organized and housed at the District AIDS Coordinator's office at the district government headquarters, it will be shared with NGOs providing services in Molepolole. Much help is needed to map buildings in the village as it is said to be the largest (by landmass) in the world.

Created by Choquette33 - Updated - Priority: medium

#276 Projet Espace OSM Francophone-EOF : Cartographie de Totsivi-Agbalépédogan

Ce job est créé pour la création et la consolidation de la communauté OSM Togo.

Le choix est fait sur la zone d'Agbalépédogan et de Totsivi, zones fortement peuplées et donc ou un besoin de données se fait ressentir.

Created by ndongpotter - Updated - Priority: medium

#1167 Boma, South Sudan

Project Details

  • Author: HOT / South Sudan NGO Forum
  • Requesting organization: Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Suisse (Veterinarians without Borders Switzerland)
  • Priority: High
  • Imagery: Bing

VSF-Suisse has recently started a program in the Boma area to train lay-vets and improve livestock health. Through the South Sudan NGO Forum, they have requested that HOT improve the base map in their area of operations.

Objects to trace

  • Roads, paths, buildings, residential areas

This project is good for mappers of all skill levels

Created by bgirardot - Updated - Priority: medium

#352 RD Congo, Kindu

Following conflicts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, humanitarian organizations need maps to plan distribution of food to the displaced and vulnerable populations.

french Suite aux divers combats dans la République démocratique du Congo, les organisations humanitaires ont besoin des cartes pour planifier la distribution de nourriture aux populations déplacées et vulnérables.

Created by PierZen - Updated - Priority: medium

#551 Nicaragua populated places names (NGA-GNS)

This task is dedicated for the addition of the "non duplicate" places. So don't use this for adding the duplicate locations (that need special attention in merging).

Created by jaakkoh - Updated - Priority: medium

#394 Moundou centre (Tchad)

Numérisation du bâti et amélioration (surface) des routes sur le centre-ville de Moundou.

Created by ybon - Updated - Priority: medium

#1160 Training

Please do not work on this task unless you are part of the South African Red Cross Society training. Thank you.

Created by danbjoseph - Updated - Priority: low


Created by ndongpotter - Updated - Priority: medium
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